Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daily Devotion for Holy Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scripture Reading for Today: John 19:38-42

Key Verse from today's reading: John 19:39, "Nicodemus, the one who at first had come to Jesus at night, was there too.  He brought a mixture of myrrh and aloe, nearly seventy-five pounds in all."

The devil is in the details.

I thought I had heard that phrase all my life but according to Wikipedia (citing Google's ngram function), it didn't appear in print until 1975.

It likely comes from the original phrase, "God is in the detail."

Do we ever experience God in the detail work that must be done?

Whenever I assist a family when there's been a death, there can be so many things to do.

A funeral home must be located.  Caskets or urns are selected.  Cemetery plots sometimes need to be purchased.  Cremation or burial?  Were they an organ donor? Who's going to pick out the clothes they will wear to the funeral?  Will it be open or closed casket?  Who will speak?  What should go in the obituary and who has all that critical life information written down?  Which newspapers will we submit it to?

Have all the family members been contacted?  Even those that have been estranged?

Did they have a will?  We need to get death certificates to start closing down or changing over accounts.

The details can be overwhelming.

But they can also keep us going.  These things have to be done and they keep us moving in our grief.  Maybe during these times, God is in the details.

The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem - a possible site where
Jesus may have been buried.
Nicodemus was a pharisee. He originally didn't want anyone to see him meeting with Jesus so he came to him at night.  Now he is attending his body.

I wonder if he felt guilty and thought, "I should have done more while he was alive."

Sometimes our lives seem to pass us by and we wonder what it is that we've been attending to.  Are we tending to our faith or has it passed us by as well?

God might indeed be in the details but unless we stop to notice, we might never acknowledge it.

What can you do to look for God more often in the everyday?

Breath Prayer: Loving Lord, help me tend to you.

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