Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stress and the Baby Jesus

Stress is a normal part of the holidays.  It starts right before Thanksgiving and goes right up through New Year's.  

Much of it has to do with seeing relatives that we don't often interact with on a regular basis.

Our relatives have interesting issues - we love them but may also have unresolved conflicts or tension from years ago.  

There are family dynamics that come into light that can be blessings but just as often may cause us to curse!

Moving can also be stressful.  Whether you are moving to a new town or new job or new school, it has its own set of hurdles.  As a kid, I remember moving from Tulsa to Sapulpa.  It wasn't terrible but I didn't know a soul where I was going.  That first day of school, I had to meet new friends as well as navigate a new culture.  School had started the month before so everyone else was used to their routine.
The new drop off is ready to receive
people this Sunday!

I'm not sure if I got snappy with my parents during this time but I wouldn't be surprised if I did.  We often grouse at those whom we love when stressed because it's going to come out somewhere!

At First United Methodist Church of Edmond, we are moving into a new space.  We are moving into a new worship service at 10:50 am.  We are dealing with the stress of things we didn't foresee as well as things we did!  It could be that people feel a little irritated.  For some this comes as a surprise.  After all, we are in a brand new setting - everything looks pretty!  It's got that new car smell to it.

Why would anyone complain?

It may just be a fairly normal reaction to the stress of adaptation.  The good news is that God is a part of this.  We are able to take a deep breath and remember that this is what we've been working toward.  Maybe not the minor irritation - but the mission as a whole to create new space for discipleship.

New space always comes with a few headaches but nothing we can't handle.  

And at the same time, it is very exciting and fresh!  Our glass is more than half full and we have more than enough to share with our community.  Thanks be to God to all who got us here!

As we look toward the baby Jesus on Christmas, may you find the Peace of Christ once more!

In Christ,


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