Sunday, February 14, 2016

Daily Devotion for the First Sunday in Lent 2016

Scripture Reading: Exodus 4:18-31

The mystery of the Hebrew Bible is that it was likely shaped by several different sources that were later edited together.

As the different people told stories about their spiritual ancestors such as Moses, we can also see odd tribal stories that may have equally odd beliefs about God.

Verses 24-26 of today's reading certainly fit this bill.

Why on earth would God want to kill Moses?  After his son is circumcised, this seems to appease God.  It could be that Moses needs to connect his own family with the captive people that God is sending him to free.

After all, Moses was raised as an Egyptian and then went to live as a Midianite, even marrying into the family of a Midianite priest.

The circumcision could have been a message to God's people as much as a devotion to God.

With this act, Zipporah, the wife of Moses, a Midianite, could be stating, we are Hebrews just like you.

Standing with others in their need can be a powerful act.

Can you see how solidarity with those who are suffering can be an act of faith?

Think about someone that you've stood by in their time of trouble.  Think about how this might have changed their lives.  Can you see how God is a part of this?

When disaster strikes, the church stands in solidarity
with those who have lost their homes.  The work by itself is just work.
What makes it divine is that we are looking at our
neighbors with compassion.

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