Monday, October 31, 2016

Remembering Those Who Have Preceded Us in Death

The final scene in Titanic always bugged me.  Rose, the 101 year old main character, dies at the end of the movie after a full life with career, children and grandchildren.  As she makes her way to the afterlife, she enters the ship again and it is transformed its former glory while those who died aboard her are all waiting for her to join them.  Jack, her love interest aboard the ship, is there to greet her and they embrace and the movie ends.

Now this romantic end shows that Rose and her true love do find each other even if they were kept apart for the past 80 years.  This is sentimental and it is kind of nice to think about them ending up together since we really skipped her eighty years without him.  What bugs me about this is that her life with her husband, children and grandchildren seemed to pale in comparison to the few days that she spent with Jack. 

In reality, we know that infatuation can come quickly but true love that lasts over a lifetime includes dealing with conflict, overcoming difficulties and continuing to get to know each other as we grow and change throughout life.  Love at first sight might be romantic but love that builds over a lifetime is actually more substantial. 

This film ending may also cause some to wonder about Heaven and what will it be like.  What If a person is widowed and then remarries?  Which person will you encounter?

The Sadducees inquired to Jesus about this very question in this week’s lectionary passage, Luke 20:27-38.  Jesus responds that the next life will be very different.  This in itself is not a very comprehensive answer and begs more questions.  Will we recognize our loved ones?  Will they know us?  Will we look like we did when we were younger?  Or more importantly, will we look like we imagine we did when we were younger?  Do we continue to experience the five senses that make up so much of our input? 

As Christians, we believe that a person's light
continues to shine in Christ after death.
This Sunday, we will also observe All Saints Day which occurs every November 1.  We will light a candle in worship for those church members who have died in the past year.  We will also have time in the worship service to remember those loved ones who were not members of our church but who remain near and dear in our hearts.  The sermon title will be “Children of the Resurrection” and if you are in town, I hope you will join us at 8:30 or 11 am in the sanctuary or at 10:50 am in Wesley Hall.  It should also be available online if you can't join us in the flesh!  

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