Sunday, December 4, 2016

What Kind of a Winning Team is This?

This Charlie Brown Christmas tree
may be more Biblical than
at first glance.
The Third Sunday of Advent is on the way.  The lectionary’s Gospel reading is Matthew11:2-11.  As we continue with Matthew’s passages dealing with John the Baptist (to help prepare the way of the Lord), we see John asking Jesus if he is the Messiah. 

Jesus responds with a message about helping the blind and the lame.  He also mentions the poor.

This is not exactly a recipe for a successful revolution.

If you want to overthrow a government, you should be courting friendships among the rich and the powerful.  Political allies would be nice as well.  How about some dinners with some foreign dignitaries?  Okay Jesus, let’s see who is on your event calendar for your next meal.

Um, the lepers?

Jesus has some work to do if he’s going to become any kind of Messiah.

As we Prepare for Presence this Advent, this may solidify our understanding of the Kingdom of God being substantially different to earthly understandings of kingdom. 

The Incarnation keeps connecting us with people that we would unconsciously avoid.

At the very least, people in need are not people that we seek for advantages in life.  Their friendships are not cultivated for our gain.  Maybe this is helpful for us to contemplate.

As we look to the coming of Christ in our lives again this Christmas, what kind of Messiah are we looking for?  One clue is that ours is not born in a palace but rather a barn.

In Christ,


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