Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Even Change for the Better is Resisted

As I celebrate another birthday, I am reminded that change comes all the time - sometimes in large ways but often in small, little ways that seem to make no difference at the time.
This kind of change is okay but I have a lot less of it
than I used to - because of change!

It was good to see all the Facebook posts from friends new and old and to see that my life spans many different places and times.

There are areas in my life when I've been change resistant.  You don't spend almost 14 years serving one United Methodist congregation unless you have a little of this in you.

But I've also embraced trying new things.  Most of the people in the congregations I've served have been willing to come along for the ride - even if begrudgingly.  Some of them have worked out while others have only worked for a season.  Of course, some failed miserably.

Change can be difficult and most people resist it.  In fact, almost any system whether it is religious, business, political, educational or even familial will resist change initially.

Even when the change is beneficial.

One of my favorite stories is of a United Methodist congregation where the pastor wanted to move something around in the order of service.   I think it was the prayer of confession.  The worship committee cried out the familiar tagline, "But it has always been in this spot!  We can't bear to change it!"

The wily pastor then said, "Well, what if we moved it for just six months and then we can evaluate it and see if we need to move it back."

The committee reluctantly agreed.

When the pastor convened the group again six months later, he asked if they wanted to move it back.

The committee replied, "Move what back?  We've always done it this way!"

This Sunday, we'll be continuing with Moses in the Exodus.  This time we'll look at the parting of the Red Sea in 14:19-31.  The freedom of the Hebrew slaves was a massive change for the Egyptians.  We can see that even after enduring the plagues, they changed their minds about staying in their unjust system.

How does God help us with our own capacity to resist changes that should be resisted but also to accept the changes that are helpful?  We'll explore this on Sunday morning at Edmond First United Methodist Church.  If you're in the area, come and join us!

In Christ,


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