Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Got Bread?

My older sister Becky and her family moved to the state of Washington when I was about ten years old.  This was a fun place to visit and I still remember my first time on Seattle's wharf.

We were walking around and some people had fishing lines over the side.  I still remember one pulling up a pretty good sized crab!  The smells of the salt air and the fish along with the chill of the northwest Pacific all combine to produce a good memory of my childhood.
Sheryl and I got to take Kyla and David to experience this in 2012!

As we walked along, my favorite memory of the wharf was stopping for a bowl of clam chowder.  It was fresh, hot and steaming as I spooned bite after bite.  The best compliment to this was the fresh baked sourdough bread.  The sour taste of the bread accented the creamy chowder in a way that I still find delicious!

When I think about bread, I like all kinds.  But my top choice to this day remains sourdough.  It may be that I still associate the flavor with that good time in Washington.

Bread is a basic staple of life.  It can be very bland but it can also provide important sustenance.  When you have nothing, bread can be a feast!

This is what God's people learned as they began to wander in the wilderness after fleeing from slavery in Egypt.  How do you feed so many hungry mouths?  On Sunday, we'll finish our time in the Exodus with the story of manna from heaven in 16:2-15.  This is a pivotal story in the history of the Israelite people as they learn to discover that their abundance lies with God.

If you're in the Edmond area and don't already have a regular church home, join us for worship on Sunday morning at First United Methodist Church!

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