Sunday, February 15, 2015

Forty Days is Approximately a Tithe of our Year

The Lenten Season is almost upon us.

We will begin with Ash Wednesday whose Gospel reading for the lectionary is always Matthew 6:1-6 and 16-21.  This passage lifts up the idea that we should not be flaunting our devotional practices in front of others so that it will gain us respect as super-Christians.

In fact, it states that we should keep everything between us and God.

I've always thought it to be helpful to share devotional practices with others - more for encouragement than for bragging rights.

So whether you are giving up something such as pop or coffee or if you are adding something like a daily Bible reading or saying the Lord's Prayer at noon each day, I'm happy for you to share what you are doing so that others will be reminded to take up a discipline for their lives.

This year, I hope to not have any writer's block.
We'll be going through the entire Gospel of Mark
during the season of Lent
My main Lenten devotion for the past three years has been a daily journal.  I've used them as devotionals and posted them to this blog site. It is a great way to keep myself honest because if I have enlisted others to read them daily for their Lenten disciplines, I have to make sure they get written and posted!

They usually post around the middle of the night so if you would like to make this your Lenten discipline, you may bookmark  You can follow it through Google plus or a daily link will also be posted to my twitter account @samueltpowers or to our church Facebook page  which if you haven't liked yet, I would encourage you to do so!

This Sunday, I'll be starting a Lenten series using the Gospel Lectionary texts as we journey to the cross with Jesus.  The text will be Mark 1;9-15 and the sermon title is "Example".  Blessings on your spiritual journey as we tithe our year to God.

In Christ,


Photo By Rennett Stowe via Wikimedia Commons

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