Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Daily Devotion for Day 37 of Lent 2016

Scripture Reading: Exodus 37 (NRSV)

Today's reading is almost a recount of the instructions for making all of these items that assist in worship.  Bezalel is the craftsman named for making these holy artifacts.

The artistry of crafting is not something with which I have been gifted.  Even if one is not naturally talented, it is a skill which can be developed if one has the patience to do so. My talents lie elsewhere and I have a great appreciation for art whether it be painting or sculpture or the making of fine things.

Jerry and Larry in front
of the cross!
Last week, Jerry Cotton, a member of First United Methodist Church of Edmond mounted a cross and flame upon the wall.  It was made from wood that came from a tree that used to sit where our new foyer now lies.  When they cut down the tree, Wayne and Rosemary Black saved the wood to re-purpose into something new.  Larry Cunningham made the design for what we have now.  Jerry shaped the wood and made the beautiful piece that we have now.  It hangs just feet from where it stood as a tree.

These people I have mentioned had a vision for the materials that were sacrificed for our new space that was needed.  The vision has been transformed into reality by the work of those mentioned above.  I was not here for the entire history and so I may be missing others who helped to bring this to fruition.

Just as God called Bezalel so many years ago, God continues to call us today to create beauty out of raw materials.

What materials are present in your life that you could fashion and shape into something new?  Many people claim to have no creativity but I think that this is not truly honoring God working in your life.  All people have creativity - for some it may be muted but it is there.  It may come out in different forms of expression, but that makes it no less meaningful.

Jesus transformed the cruel symbol of the cross from an image of suffering to an image of life.  How can we honor this transformation this week?

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