Monday, February 24, 2020

Preparing to Climb

The Lenten season is upon us.

Ash Wednesday is February 26 this year and we'll be considering our own mortality with the emphasis on how we are living our lives while we are on this earth.

I thought it would be helpful to continue with the Sermon on the Mount through the first five Sundays of Lent before moving back to the lectionary with Palm Sunday.

So for Ash Wednesday, we will examine the Gospel reading in Matthew but we won't take out verses 7-15 which contain Matthew's version of the Lord's Prayer.  Of course, prayer is something we encourage during Lent, so I think it appropriate to include this in our meditation for Ash Wednesday.

As we continue with the Sermon on the Mount, we'll be using climbing imagery for our themes and Wednesday's is "Preparing to Climb".

For the first Sunday in Lent, we will finish out chapter six with Matthew 6:22-34.  Our theme will be "Finding our Footholds" as we think about anxiety and examine where we place our trust.

This year, for my own Lenten discipline, I will once again be writing daily devotions leading up to Easter.  I post these through this blog daily and would invite you to join in the discipline.  We'll be exploring the Book of Acts this year.  As we think about the beginnings of the church, this helps us to examine our own ideas about where the church is headed in the 21st century as well as what part we might play in shaping it.

I'll post each day on Twitter and Facebook.  They'll be shared on the Guthrie and Edmond church FB pages as well.  The blogs will be set to publish in the wee morning hours so that if you are an early riser, you can come directly to this site.  You are welcome to share them, comment on them, disagree with them or add your own insight.  I will respond to any questions posted.

My hope is that you'll have a season of introspection that will allow you to grow in your faith.

In Christ,


Image by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.  Used with permission.

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