Friday, February 24, 2012

Daily Devotion for Friday, February 24

Scripture for today: 2 Timothy 4:1-5

Key verse for today: 2 Timothy 4:3 "There will come a time when people will not tolerate sound teaching. They will collect teachers who say what they want to hear because they are self-centered."

About five years ago, a big seller at Sam's Club was the DVD, "The Secret".  

We received a copy of it and so I watched it but with a pastor's critical eye.  I'm always a little skeptical about "the latest thing".  It seemed to me to be a repackaging of the power of positive thinking except that the goal was to focus on desires of the self.

This has been the opposite of what I've tried to practice as a Christian.  The whole idea of the cross and resurrection is to die to ourselves and find rebirth and freedom in the love of God and neighbor.  

We all struggle with desires of the self.  As I consider my walk with Jesus Christ during Lent, the question I ask today is, "Where in my life has my own desire become an idol?"

Breath Prayer for today: O Lord, let me see beyond myself.

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