Friday, March 23, 2012

Daily Devotion for Friday, March 23, 2012

Today's Scripture: Hebrews 4:14-5:4

Key Verse: Hebrews 5:2, "The high priest is able to deal gently with the ignorant and those who are misled since he himself is prone to weakness."

Billy Joel throwing a stone at Scott Sharp's house.
As a pastor, I understand that I live in a glass house more so than most.  I have to watch what I do and say in public knowing that people are watching me differently than they would someone who is not ordained. When I post something on Facebook, I have to be careful as to how it might be perceived.

For example, in an earlier post, I mentioned Asia Kliewer Frye as being at a worship service in Drummond when she was a youth.  She commented on my link that she didn't remember it. My initial response was to post something along the lines of "It's probably because you were drunk".  This would have been funny because Asia didn't get wasted on the weekends and was a really good student.  Those that knew her then would know this.  However, others that didn't know her in high school might have taken the comment seriously (she works with youth at a church in Kansas).  Others may have looked at my comment and thought that I was endorsing underage drinking.

You can see the problems here.

I think that some people are waiting for pastors to mess up because of the clergy that seem so self-righteous.  Especially the ones that like to wag the finger.  I've never preached at people where I take myself out of the equation.  When I talk about sin, I place myself squarely in the middle of the conversation.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot who have thrown stones at others only to be caught in some type of scandal - 1988 anyone?

The Roman Catholic Church has suffered an image problem in relation to their own scandals with abuse.  Priest jokes in poor taste abound.  The United Methodist Church isn't immune to scandal either.  In fact, all denominations have pastors that mess up royally.  I think this is because all pastors are human beings.

As a human being, I will make mistakes.  But I also realize this and will attempt to deal gently with others because I know it is easy to slip up.

This is not a confessional and I don't expect to see my name in the newspapers anytime soon.  It is an attempt to show a little compassion toward others who sin.  We all sin and fall short of the glory of God.  Even pastors.

What if we all worked on dealing more gently with one another regardless of occupation?

Breath prayer: Gracious God, let your mercy take root.

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