Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 21 of Lent, Friday, March 8, 2013

Today's Reading: Luke 12:35-59

This is a difficult reading to look at from the majority view.  When Luke recorded it, the synagogues were likely in dispute over the identity of Jesus of Nazareth.

Was he the Messiah?

Was he the Son of God?

Can you read the sign of the times?  This sign
reads tomare in Japanese which means, "stop"
Some had experienced the resurrection and some had not.

The Temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed maybe as early as ten years before Luke released this gospel. Those following the Hebrew faith would have been in a turmoil.  You can see how these texts would have resonated within the original context of the times.

Within the United States today, the Christian faith is not a minority sect.

There is not generally family division over the expressions of faith - at least not as there was then.

But maybe our complacency is part of the problem.  Christianity is on the decline in the US - especially with the newest generation of adults.

In Jesus' day and beyond, there were many Christian martyrs.  People put their lives on the line for their faith.

Is there anything about the Christian faith worth dying for today?

Not an easy question for us as individuals to contemplate as we move through Lent and toward the cross...

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