Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 10, 2013

Today's Reading: Luke 13:18-35

God clearly wants to gather us in as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.  However, it is equally clear that we have free will and self-determine our own destiny.

The illustration of people not making it inside before the doors are locked is an indication that we've wasted our time.  We've assumed that there is always more time and this is not always the case.

Pink Floyd actually expresses this sentiment in their song "Time":

     You are young and life is long
     And there is time to kill today

      And then one day you find
      Ten years have got behind you

      No one told you when to run
      You missed the starting gun

We are more than half-way through this Lenten season.  Jesus is looking toward Jerusalem but not with relish.  This reminds us that everyone has an ending in front of them.   How are we making good use of our time?

"Time" appears on Pink Floyd's
Dark Side of the Moon released in 1973.
Looks like more than ten years have got behind me!

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