Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sixth Sunday in Lent, March 24, 2013

Today's Reading: Luke 20:20-47

There are times when I've had my world-view - my assumptions of how life works - challenged.

When someone does this, it can lead to a verbal sparring match.  As long as we keep things respectful, there's nothing wrong with honing one's beliefs in a spirited debate.

This may cause you to reflect on what you actually believe!

I remember arguing once over Noah's flood.  Rather than view it as a truly global devastation  my interpretation was that it was a localized event.  Noah's known world was flooded.
"My world is a flood.  Slowly I become one with the mud."
These lyrics are an interesting interpretation.

This didn't bother my faith to think that it may not have covered the entire earth.  But it did bother my friend. His faith was anchored in a literal interpretation of scripture.  If it didn't gel with the Bible, he didn't believe it.

Jesus shows us in today's reading that rabbinical interpretation of scripture was an important way to process the faith.  He does it to explain his beliefs and to teach the crowds.  He shows us that we are to study and know the Bible for use in this life.

Jesus stays focused on loving God and loving neighbor (the two most important commandments).  He ends with an example of what not to do: cheat old ladies out of their pensions and then thank God for your blessings.  Evidently, people could do this legally and then sleep well at night because they didn't see themselves as doing anything wrong. Jesus interprets their actions differently.

This, of course, is rooted in the prophets who called out the Hebrew people many times on this very issue.

It's good to know our Bible.  I try to anchor my beliefs in what Jesus consistently shows us to be true.

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