Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 37 of Lent, Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today's Reading: Luke 22:1-30

United Methodists have long held the value of equality in marriage between men and women.  Some denominations have emphasized places in Paul's letters where it may imply that women are subjugated to men within the marriage.  However, we see the overall value of equality that Jesus lifts up in Luke.

I find it interesting that following an argument among the disciples over which of them could or would betray Jesus, they start debating over which of them is the greatest.

It seems a strange transition from which of the disciples is the worst to which is the best!

Muhammad Ali said, "I am the greatest!"
This may be a good tactic for sports but
not necessarily for relationships.
Jesus indicates that authority over one another is not what it's all about.  We are to have the attitude of servants with one another.

In doing marriage counseling, I find that those with a servant attitude tend to rebound from problems better than those who have a me-first attitude.  Those that tend to want authority over the other in a relationship may need to re-examine this value that Jesus lifts up.

As I consider my own marriage, I find that our happiness comes more completely when we consider the desires of the other first.  It becomes contagious!

Conversely, when I put my own needs above Sheryl's, our relationship becomes more shallow and we each become more isolated.

There are always moments of selfishness as human beings but when we lift up the values that Jesus shares with us today, we find in them worthy goals for how we interact with one another!

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