Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 36 of Lent, Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today's Reading: Luke 21:20-38

Repent for the end is near!

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On a first read, the end of chapter 21 does have a doom and gloom feel to it. But when you read this, you should do so with the understanding that it was written after the second temple was destroyed in Jerusalem in the year 70.

This passage reiterates the coming of the Messiah from Daniel 7:13-14.  It is here that we first see the term, "Son of Man" or as the Common English Bible translates, "one like a human being."

If you just experienced the destruction of the temple, this passage would hopefully offer a sense of hope that God can work through even these dark times.  In the events of history, we may often despair.  I think of 9/11 as one of those for the United States. However, this shows that God can work for good even in the midst of our misuse of free will.

This foreshadows the cross and resurrection even as that took place almost forty years before the destruction of the temple.  Jesus admonishes us to stay alert and remain true to our faith.  This is also helpful as we will see that the disciples need this reminder for their own faith struggles when Jesus will be taken from them.

As we continue in Holy Week, we too approach the cross with Jesus.  It wouldn't hurt for us to stay alert either.

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